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Food for Less for Budget Wise Moms

Today’s economy has brought a grave change in our budget management.

My husband and I just got kicked out of our jobs, which by the way, are both medium paying jobs. Our income can cover just about everything we needed. It’s not much but hey at least we can pay our bills.

When recession hit our only bread and butter, it took a rough road before I learned how to adjust. Of course being a mom of 3, it is really a challenge to budget what’s left of us. Luckily we have some friends who involved my husband to part time jobs. But still, its not what we’re used to having. Definitely smaller that what we have before.

In this time of needs, us moms need to excessively budget the money especially when it comes to weekly groceries.

Thank God for the internet cause I have found some great deals. There are so many shops today who have launched their own websites which also holds their price lists and catalogs.  To my surprise, I found an infamous cheap stake’s local supermarket online.

I’ve heard about Food for Less shops through my budget wise friends. You’ll be surprised how much” less” their prices are compared to your conventional stores. Before I was used to shopping in the nearest supermarket without even analyzing how overpriced their goods are. Their weekly sale discount reach upto 50% off the original price and there are some which almost sounds free.

Their sister company, BodegaMas.com, holds the weekly pricelists of their featured products. This site also incorporates Amazon’s list for clothings and accessories.You can also order their stuff online.

I swear this shop has saved me not just a few pennies but dollars. What attracted me most to BodegaMas is its collection of recipes and other tips for homemaking. Really nice right?


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