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Yo tengo el ritmo / I have the Rhythm: Fun for babies, fun for mommies

Is your baby so bubbly and vivacious? Huggies Pull Ups

I was walking down in my favorite supermarket last weekend, Food for Less, when I saw a promo girl from Huggies. They are having a contest for babies or little kids in promotion of their Pull Ups Diaper. The contest is called Yo Tengo el Ritmo or I have the Rhythm.

They are looking for spirited children who can dance the Pull Ups song flawlessly and of course, the cutest.  Mommies and babies were invited to do a short performance in front of the camera which will be later on be uploaded in Bodegamas.com. Once uploaded, family, relatives and friends could vote for them after registering in Bodegamas.

At first, I thought it was easy cause my little daughter is so enthusiastic and energetic every occasion. But I was wrong.

She was so stunned by the commotion and everything, it took her by the end of the chorus to dance. But it was so funny to watch other kids dancing and tumbling crazily. They’re so cute looking so innocent and moving those hands staring at their dancing mom.

Oh well. I do hope you guys could help me out in the votation. According to what I heard, the winning video will be receiving a grand prize of about 500$ worth of cheques consumable in Food For Less. The 500$ part is not yet sure but what matters is that it could save a lot in grocery items for months and months which is very efficient in this uptight economy.

Too bad only southern California moms can avail this promo.:)